Heritage Society Raises First $1 Million Towards $10 Million Goal!

The Keystone Foundation's Heritage Society was launched in late 2016 with a goal of raising $10 million to benefit Glenkirk and Search and The goal of the fund is to provide direct financial aid for housing, vocational training, employment, and healthcare services for people with disabilities. The Heritage Society will be a source of permanent financial stability for Search and Glenkirk to thrive and grow well into the future.

After just one year, we are thrilled to announce that the fund has surpassed $1 million towards the $10 million goal! It's exciting to see the fund grow so quickly... especially for those that have family members being served by the respective programs. Dan and Karen Walsh believe so much in the value and importance of the Heritage Society that they made a pledge to support the fund. Dan is happy to share:

Our family is grateful to the many people at Glenkirk who have supported my two brothers, Edmond and Brian. The work Ed and Bri do at Glenkirk's Opportunity Secure Data Destruction (and previously Opportunity, Inc.) gives them great purpose, and brings them into meaningful relationships with their co-workers and staff. I want this to continue for my brothers, their co-workers, and those who will come after them, and so we have made a financial commitment to the Heritage Society, and my employer Ryan Companies is matching our contribution. The Heritage Society will ensure a long-term sustainable financial support system that buffers Glenkirk and Search from the volatility of state and federal funding.

Gifts totaling $5,000 or more qualify for the Heritage Society and can be directed to either Glenkirk or Search. The gift can be made as one-time donation, annually, quarterly, monthly, or cover a specified time period (at donors discretion). Members of the Heritage Society have access to a number of exclusive benefits.

Thank you to those that have helped us get to our first $1 million - the professional and philanthropic leaders who made significant investments towards empowering individuals with disabilities! And thank you in advance to those that will join us in the coming years.

Please join us in creating opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead rich, rewarding lives in the community. Please consider supporting the Heritage Society. Together we will help change lives!

To support the Heritage Society or to find out more, please contact Bruce Wood, Senior Development Officer, at 773-305-0740 x 53 or email to bwood@glenkirk.org