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Keystone Alliance

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"A family of nonprofits and social enterprises with powerful missions working together to achieve great outcomes for people with disabilities."

Alliance Empowering Organizational Sustainability

Glenkirk is a founding member of the Keystone Alliance. Launched in 2009, Keystone Alliance provides responsive strategic and operational services, delivering business intelligence, technical tools, and strategic expertise to its three partner organizations.  

Keystone Alliance provides a full suite of shared services, including financial management, talent management, information technology and executive management support. Taken together, Keystone services foster long-term mission sustainability, build capacity, and expand the social impact of the organizations it serves.


Collaborative Mission:
Keystone's Impact

Nonprofit missions are long-term in nature.  Each of Keystone’s solutions and services is designed to foster long-term resource and capacity sustainability so that Keystone partner organizations can deliver the highest quality programs and services possible.  

Keystone partner organizations include Glenkirk, Search, Inc., and PACTT Learning Center. Their combined impact includes serving more than 1,000 people with intellectual disabilities annually in communities across the Chicago metropolitan area. Together, they have a workforce of over 450 employees and combined budgets of more than $37 million. 

Mission impact is at the heart of everything Keystone strives to accomplish. It is the yardstick by which success is measured. Keystone believes that nonprofits can achieve better outcomes for the people they serve through collaboration and partnership. 

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