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The support given by the more than 70 volunteers who serve Glenkirk is priceless, and their contributions are especially appreciated by the people we serve. We cannot thank you enough!

Volunteers help make it possible for Glenkirk to continue to provide the quality, lifetime supports and services on which the individuals in our programs depend. Glenkirk offers volunteer opportunities year-round for our events and our program sites.

Glenkirk also seeks volunteers who would like to share their skills and talents with the people we support. Whether it’s music, cooking, interviewing skills, or a hobby, sharing it with the people Glenkirk supports may help brighten someone’s day!

If you are interested in volunteering at Glenkirk, please fill out the form below. 

Some volunteer opportunities may require a criminal background check and training. In this case, we will make a formal request as necessary.

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Join the Glenkirk Community!

Discover the power of collective action! Dive into the heart of Glenkirk by getting involved in our vibrant community. Explore our diverse range of opportunities, events, and initiatives to make a positive impact alongside fellow change makers. Together, let’s shape a better future for Glenkirk and beyond. Your involvement matters, so join us on this exciting journey of collaboration and transformation!