Day & Next Generation Services

Day & Next Generation Services


Glenkirk Day Services offer structured, year-round programs to support individual interests and needs. Through a broad range of activity-based, community-connected options, participants develop relationships and build knowledge and skills. Individuals can combine day service options to create a flexible, individualized schedule of weekly engagements.

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Site-Based Programs

Site-based day programs in Northbrook and Glenview provide daily activities in the areas of recreation, adaptive skills training, sensory integration, social interaction, and therapeutic interventions.

At-Home Programs

At-Home Day program services allow participants flexibility in crafting their daily schedules, participation in virtual activities, and adaptive skills-building in the comfort of the home setting.


Next Generation Services

Next-Generation Services, Glenkirk’s community-based day program, provides opportunities for community integration and social connection through volunteerism, arts and culture, education, internet literacy, health, fitness, and active lifestyles. Next Generation provides a stimulating, enjoyable environment for individuals with a variety of abilities, interests and age ranges.

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