Community Outreach

We at Glenkirk believe that being involved in our local communities is vital for Glenkirk to continue its mission of providing quality services and programs to the individuals we are honored to serve.Community partnerships include participation in local chambers, rotary clubs, religious affiliations, businesses and corporations.


Our outreach has also involved various groups that volunteer at our events and assist Glenkirk in completing special projects. Some of these special projects include UIC students painting at our 3504 site, the Boy Scouts supporting the Friends and Family Picnic, various church groups completing gardening projects and cleaning, the interact students from Glenbrook South volunteering at our yearly events such as The Holiday Breakfast, Green Eggs and Ham and the Mother's Day Luncheon.

Our long range plan is to use our new messaging material to reach out to various corporations, foundations, stakeholders, donors and legislators. This networking will cultivate potential opportunities for services, jobs, volunteers, donations and partnerships to enhance our service delivery to the individuals that we proudly serve.

For more information please contact Kori Larson at 847.400.8765, or by email at