Celebrating Earth Day with Busey Bank

This Earth Day, we had the pleasure of celebrating with some wonderful friends from Busey Bank! On Monday, a dedicated group of Busey Bank staff volunteered their time and energy to help us enhance the landscaping at our Indian Spring CILA (Community Integrated Living Arrangement).

We are immensely grateful for their hard work and commitment. The volunteers undertook various landscaping tasks, including planting, weeding, and general yard beautification. Their efforts have truly transformed the outdoor space, creating a vibrant and welcoming environment for the individuals living at Indian Spring CILA.

Thank you, Busey Bank, for your incredible support and for helping us celebrate Earth Day in such a meaningful way. Your dedication to community service and volunteerism is deeply appreciated, and the impact of your efforts will be felt for a long time.

We look forward to more opportunities to collaborate with amazing partners like Busey Bank. Stay tuned for more updates and stories about the wonderful contributions of our volunteers.