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Respite Care


Glenkirk’s Respite Program provides short-term, intermittent care for children and adults with Intellectuall and Developmental Disabilities within their family home setting. This program allows primary caregivers temporary relief from the stress and responsibilities of providing constant care enabling the caregiver to avoid burnout and continue supporting their loved one in the home. Glenkirk may also provide respite care in emergencies when an unplanned event results in the unavoidable absence of the caregiver.

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the process

The Process

Families enroll through a streamlined application process, which includes gathering information about the need for respite services and documentation of a qualifying disability. Families can enroll multiple workers to meet their scheduling and support needs. Once in the program, families are assisted in enrolling the worker of their choice. Glenkirk will oversee application, enrollment, training, and background check services for each worker, free of charge to the family.

Respite Program FAQs

Glenkirk has provided Respite Services since 1976.

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