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National Nonprofit Day


When: August 17, 2024

where: online

National Nonprofit Day, which takes place every year on August 17, is a reminder of the incredible impact that organizations like Glenkirk can have on our community. This year, we invite you to go beyond celebration and join us in making a lasting commitment to support our mission. By becoming a member of Glenkirk's Impact Club through a recurring donation, you can play a vital role in bridging the gap between our state funding and the actual cost of providing essential services.

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Glenkirk relies on a combination of state funding and the generosity of our community to bridge the financial gap. Your ongoing support allows us to continue providing high-quality programs and services that empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, fostering their independence and enriching their lives.

Making a commitment is easy! Click here to get started. Select the recurring donation option and choose an amount that fits your budget, starting at $10. By doing so, you become an integral part of Glenkirk's ongoing mission to create a more inclusive and supportive community.

Share your commitment on social media using the hashtag #GlenkirkImpactClub. Encourage friends, family, and colleagues to join you in supporting Glenkirk on National Nonprofit Day and beyond.

This National Nonprofit Day, let's turn the celebration into action. Join Glenkirk's Impact Club and make a commitment to support our mission on an ongoing basis. Your recurring donation, no matter the size, has the power to create a lasting impact on the lives of individuals with special needs. Together, we can bridge the gap and build a more compassionate and inclusive future for all. Thank you for being a crucial part of Glenkirk's journey!