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Residential Services



Glenkirk Residential Services offer individuals a continuum of care options to live in the community as independently as possible. These services occur in residential settings such as family homes, small, group-living arrangements, and apartment-style semi-independent settings. 

Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILAs) 

24-Hour CILA 

24-Hour CILA programs provide the highest level of community integration while also offering a wide range of supports and services customized for each resident. Glenkirk CILAs are a structured but family-like environment where residents choose their roommates, make their meals, shop for groceries and participate in community activities.  

Host-Family CILA 

Host-Family CILAs provide a unique opportunity to join a family and share life together in a home environment. Individuals participate fully in family life, including taking care of the home, engaging in personal care, and fully engaging in community life. 

Intermittent CILA 

Intermittent CILAs provide ongoing, as-needed support to individuals living in their own home or apartment to ensure they can remain as independent as possible.  Supports are flexible according to individual need, but can include assistance with money management and budgeting, medical care and medication management, meal planning and grocery shopping, and personal and home care. 

Moraine Community Living Facility (CLF) 

The Moraine Community Living Facility (CLF) is a supportive apartment building that allows residents to safely enjoy the independence of apartment living with 24-hour on-site staffing support. Residents enjoy a community recreation room and other shared building amenities while enjoying the privacy and independence of individual apartment units.