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Employment Services



Glenkirk Employment Services offer an array of supports to adults seeking employment including skills and abilities assessment, job readiness training, application and interview assistance, and community employment support. 

Job Coaching 

Glenkirk' s Employment Services team is here to help candidates find and maintain their perfect job. Our job coaches specialize in finding personalized employment and training opportunities which are a match for each candidate's individualized interests and employment goals.  Once a position is obtained, job coaches assist the individual in navigating the on-boarding, training, and integration into the employment position. 

Community Employment 

Our ever-expanding network of partner businesses offers community positions in food service, retail, clerical, and janitorial fields. If our current network of partners does not have the right opportunity, we will create new relationships on our candidates' behalf to make sure each position is the right fit. 

All Glenkirk employment opportunities include personalized support in the form of job development, resume building, and on-site job coaching, as necessary. 

Our employment partners include Mariano‚Äôs, Target, FGK Services, the North Suburban YMCA and more.