Glenkirk Clinical Services - Two employees

Clinical Services



Glenkirk’s Clinical Services ensures the health and well-being of program participants through medical care coordination, on-site medical clinic services, and nursing care. 

Care Coordination 

Our team aids in scheduling, arranging, and engaging in medical care. The Care Coordination team supports individuals in attending preventative care and follow-up visits, consultation with specialists, completion of tests and procedures, and hospital stays. 

On-Site Clinic 

Finding Medicaid-enrolled physicians with experience in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities can be a challenge. Glenkirk’s on-site clinic services are staffed by area physicians experienced in supporting the unique medical needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

Services are provided at Glenkirk’s Northbrook Administrative office. Shorter wait times, private examination rooms, and a sensory-friendly waiting room are just some of the advantages of the on-site clinic.  

Nursing Care 

Glenkirk’s team of Registered Nurses provide education to participants and staff regarding medical conditions and care. In collaboration with physicians and specialists, Glenkirk Nurses oversee and monitor prescribed treatments and medications, and track health outcomes. Glenkirk’s Nursing Team provides 24-7 on-call support and consultation to the direct-support professionals caring for participants in the home setting, ensuring vital health expertise is only a phone call away.