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Planned Giving

By including Glenkirk in your will, trust or retirement plan, you will make an ongoing commitment to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Your gift will ensure longstanding support for Glenkirk's mission to empower individuals with developmental disabilities to participate fully in all areas of community life. Glenkirk invites you to join the Legacy Club, a group of supporters, families and friends who value and recognize the impact of philanthropic planning and have included Glenkirk in their wills or other gift planning arrangements. Creative and flexible gift planning can provide for financial advantages for a donor, their family, and Glenkirk The framework and funding options vary, including current, deferred, or life income gifts. If you have already provided for Glenkirk in your will or trust, please inform us so that we may recognize your generosity. We look forward to including you as a member of the Glenkirk Legacy Club.

Current Giving Options

Gift of Appreciated Securities: a gift of appreciated securities, such as stocks, mutual funds, and bonds can provide benefits to a donor. An outright gift of long-term appreciated securities (securities held for more than one year) bypasses capital gains tax and, in many cases, the benefactor obtains a charitable income tax deduction equal to the market value of the securities.

Gift of Real Estate: a gift of commercial or residential real estate can be given outright to support the purposes of Glenkirk and qualify for a charitable income tax deduction based on the appraised value of the property. In addition, a home or land that is no longer wanted or needed can fund a unitrust or other life income gift. Deferred Giving Options

Gift by Will: a gift through one's estate can provide support to Glenkirk in any dollar amount. The gift can be made through a will or trust, as a specific dollar amount, percentage of the estate, or specific property.

Sample wording for a bequest by will is:

" I give to Glenkirk, a Illinois 501 (c)(3) nonprofit with tax id # 36-2345191, and located at 3504 Commercial Avenue, Northbrook, Illinois, 60062, the sum of $__________ (or _____% of my estate; or the property described herein) ."

Gift of Life Insurance: a donor can use a life insurance policy to support Glenkirk by naming the organization as the owner and beneficiary of an existing, or newly created, policy.

Gift from a Retirement Account: transfer of an IRA or Pension Plan to a qualified charitable organization makes it possible to bypass potentially high income and estate taxes. This can be done by making Glenkirk the beneficiary of all or part of your IRA or retirement account.

Life Income Giving Options

Charitable gift Annuity: a charitable gift annuity is a contract between the donor and Glenkirk that provides advantages for both, including the following benefits:

  • guaranteed fixed payments, a portion of which is nontaxable
  • charitable income tax deduction for a portion of the gift
  • reduced capital gains taxes
  • support for the Glenkirk Heritage Society quasi- endowment

Charitable gift annuities may be funded with cash or securities. Payouts can be made annually, semiannually, or quarterly, with rates based on the age of the donor at the time the gift is made.

Deferred Charitable Gift Annuity: a deferred gift annuity is similar to a charitable gift annuity, except that the payments are deferred to a future date. In addition, the donor obtains a charitable income tax deduction in the year the gift is made. A donor may defer payments to years when income is needed more, such as in retirement.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust: a charitable remainder unitrust pays the donor a predetermined percentage of the fair market value of the trust's assets as revalued annually. Additional Contributions may be to a unitrusted over time. The unitrust may be designated for Glenkirk Heritage Society quasi-endowment fund.

This information is not professional tax or legal advice; consult your accountant, a tax advisor, or investment consultant about your specific situation and which option(s) may provide the greatest tax benefit. We would be happy to refer you to a trusted professional should you need one.

If you would like to establish or continue a tradition of giving, please contact Daniel Facchini, CFRE, Sr. Development Officer, at 773.360.4474 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.