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Mission and Leadership


Our Mission

Glenkirk provides quality, lifetime supports and services that empower individuals with intellectual disabilities to participate fully in all areas of community life.  Glenkirk offers a variety of residential, day and employment programs, as well as respite, medical and behavioral services.

Our Philosophy

The Glenkirk team is here to assist individuals imagine their best life, explore the opportunities around them, and connect with their community to bring their imagination to life.

  • Imagine your best life.
  • Explore the opportunities around you.
  • Connect with your community resources and supports to bring your imagination to life!

This personalized approach to services and supports is how we deliver a positive quality of life to each and every person we have the privilege of serving.  Whether it's expanding our range of small-scale residential offerings, implementing smart home technology to enhance community connections, or continuing the growth of our Next Generation Services program, the Glenkirk team is committed to the 'imagine, explore, connect' philosophy.

Our Leadership

Our dedicated board members are some of Illinois’ finest business, community and civic leaders. Through their service we are able to provide people with intellectual disabilities the quality of life they so truly deserve.

Our History

Glenkirk was started by dedicated people who wanted something better for children and adults with disabilities. From that desire grew a commitment to excellence which has continued more than half a century and, with your help, will continue well into the future. Since 1954, Glenkirk has provided the highest quality programs and services to individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Throughout its history, Glenkirk has always focused on the unique strengths, needs and desires of each person it serves. Taking the time to get to know each individual on a personal level and providing that person with the skills and inspiration to meet his or her own unique potential is our top priority and our greatest reward.

Glenkirk is a nonprofit 501(c)(3). Glenkirk is licensed by the Illinois Departments of Human Services and Public Health.

Annual Reports

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