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We'd like to shine a light on Zach D. and Zach F. Both individuals are members of Glenkirk's Employment Services program.

Zach D. has been employed in the community at Mariano's for several years. Zach works at Mariano's three days a week. His primary role is washing dishes, otherwise he can be found working in the hot foods section. Zach does a great job refreshing the salad bar and making sure the hot bar is fully stocked.

zach d

Zach has excellent customer service skills as he will assist customers locate items they need while he is working the floor.

Zach F. was just hired at a local Portillo's a few months ago. He loves his job! Zach cleans tables and mops the floor.

zach f

Zach is one of the first people you will see when you enter the door. He is a great team player, provides excellent customer service and always wants to learn additional tasks. He currently works 3-4 days per week.

Glenkirk has 21 individuals who are enrolled in its Employment Services program. Many individuals have accomplished employment in the community. Our employer partners include Opportunity Secure Data Destruction, Portillo's, Mariano's, Jewel, Walgreens, Septran and Dicks's Sporting goods.

Congratulations to both Zachs for reaching their respective employment goals!


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