Support Services
Glenkirk Support Services offer a comprehensive array of supports including respite, medical, therapeutic, behavioral and counseling services, as well as medical care coordination and home-based support services. Services are available weekdays, evenings and weekends.


Glenkirk Respite Care Program
The Glenkirk Respite Care Program offers planned breaks for families caring for a member with cognitive and/or physical challenges at home. Glenkirk pioneered the concept of respite care in Illinois for people with intellectual disabilities in 1976 and continues to provide quality, short-term relief to families throughout Northern Illinois.

Glenkirk Life Balance Services
Life Balance Services provide individuals with an array of supports and therapeutic services including individual and group therapy, as well as classes in relationship building. Therapies are provided by Master’s degree – level, licensed therapists specializing in providing services and supports to individuals with intellectual disabilities. Services promote personal growth and development, as well as increased self-esteem and social connectedness. Specialized services include assessment and referral for services, art and music therapies, individual and group counseling, skills-building psycho-educational classes, and behavioral intervention. Learn more.

Glenkirk Care Coordination Services
A wide range of medical and mental health services are available through the Glenkirk Care Coordination program. Options include primary care, women’s health services, as well as vision, neurology, psychiatry, dietary and dental services. Occupational, physical and speech therapies are also available. Individuals are assisted with arranging physician recommended services, keeping track of appointments, scheduling follow-up appointments and following through on treatments and medications.

Glenkirk Full Life Program
The Glenkirk Full Life Program offers a wide variety of life-enhancing activities in an environment that is accessible, nonjudgmental and individualized. Opportunities include creative arts, leisure, wellness, as well as opportunities to use community resources and facilities.


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