Residential Programs
Glenkirk Residential Services offer individuals an array of supports to live in the community as independently as possible. Services take place in a variety of residential settings - from the family home to small, group living arrangements to semi-independent settings.


Glenkirk Community Integrated Living Arrangements
Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILAs) provide the highest level of community integration for individuals with disabilities, while offering a wide range of supports and services individually customized for each resident. Glenkirk CILAs provide a structured but family-like environment where residents choose their roommates, make their own meals, shop for groceries and participate in community integration activities.

Glenkirk Moraine Community Living Facility
The Glenkirk Moraine Community Living Facility provides support from full-time staff so that residents with mild to moderate disabilities can safely enjoy the independence of an apartment setting. Individuals in this program support themselves by working in the community. Moraine is located within walking distance of stores and other local resources and most residents are active participants in neighborhood and community activities.

Glenkirk Family Living Arrangement
Family Living Arrangements provide people with disabilities a unique opportunity to join a family and share life together in a home environment. Residents experience the comfort of a caring atmosphere and enjoy the ability to participate in community integration activities.

Glenkirk Home-Based Support Services
Glenkirk provides Home-Based Support Services to individuals with intellectual disabilities residing in the community. Supports include up to five hours of Service Facilitation per month, personal in-home support services, respite care, day services, skilled nursing, behavioral services, counseling, speech, physical and occupational therapies, transportation, as well as assistance with obtaining adaptive equipment and accessibility modifications.

Glenkirk Foundations for Neighborhood Living
The Glenkirk Foundations for Neighborhood Living program supports adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities to live independently in their own homes. Supports are designed to help individuals to further develop their own daily living skills and take responsibility for their own lives.


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