Next Generation Services


Next Generation is a community based program for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. An alternative to traditional workshops, Next Generation provides opportunities for community integration & social connection.

Next Generation promotes volunteerism, arts and culture, education, internet literacy, health, fitness and active lifestyles.  Next Generation provides a stimulating, enjoyable environment for individuals with a variety of abilities, interests and age ranges. Download our informational flyer.



Community Integration
Volunteer Projects, Utilizing Community Resources, Day Trips.

Health and Fitness
Sports Skills, Gross and Fine Motor Development, Fitness- Individual and Group Exercise, Arts and Crafts, Music Therapy, Pet Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Games.

Life Skills and Continuing Education
Computer and Technology Exploration and Training, Cooking and Nutrition, Daily Living Skills, Money Handling, Problem Solving, Safety, and Productive Work Activities.

Socialization and Communication
Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships, Developing Social and Interpersonal Skills, Conflict Resolution, Coping Skills, Language and Communication.