Day Programs

Options in Employment
The Glenkirk Options in Employment program provides vocational opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to develop basic job skills, often while earning a paycheck. Jobs include collating, light assembly, shrink wrapping and fulfillment and janitorial work. In addition to honing work skills, individuals in this program engage in activities focusing on community awareness and integration, as well as daily living and social skills training. Behavioral services, including individual and group therapy, are also offered.

Sudden Workforce
The Glenkirk Sudden Workforce program is ideal for individuals who have mastered daily living and social skills, and desire paid-work that requires a greater level of quality, speed and accuracy. Individuals in this program are provided with opportunities to develop a wide-range of vocational skills as they prepare for community-based employment.

Glenkirk Masters Program for Seniors
Glenkirk Masters is an innovative program for seniors with intellectual disabilities. This program is ideal for individuals desiring opportunities to engage in stimulating and fun activities during their golden years. This program provides a relaxed environment for individuals, 55 and older, to maintain daily living skills, create arts and crafts projects, participate in a variety of therapies and take part in community integration activities.

Glenkirk Career Makers
Glenkirk Career Makers is an employment program that provides support to individuals with intellectual disabilities to obtain work in the community. Services include job training and job coaching, help with job searches, job-readiness skills training, and on-the-job support.


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