It's A Fine Life: 1945 Techny and Sudden Workforce

Article by Sarah Sirt

1945 Techny

1945 Techny, one of Glenkirk's newest day programs, has been open since August 29th, 2016. Now that Techny has come such a long way from when it first opened, there have been a number of accomplishments to highlight. The program's participants have prospered and have greatly enjoyed their time in the day program.

The creative staff are always coming up with new ways to have fun, and it truly shows- especially because the artwork on the walls is always changing! Many individuals have learned to perform janitorial tasks around the program, thus leading them to get their first pay checks ever, or in a very long time! Community outings and the Nintendo Wii game "Just Dance 2017" have been the individuals' favorite parts of being a participant in this program.


Sudden Workforce

Sudden Workforce, a production work-based day program, has been hard at work as of late. While the normal job is labeling spice packets, there has been a range of things to work on. The individuals have worked with putting together makeup kits, different types of bagging jobs, putting silverware caddies into boxes, and many more jobs.

The staff are always right in the mix to ensure that our individuals are working as quickly and efficiently as possible. Due to the dedication of the staff and the hard work of the individuals, 2 individuals have recently received community employment! Along with those successes, individuals have also had the opportunity to have a lot of non-work-related fun. They got the chance to go to the movies, Wagner Farm, bowling and on many other fun community outings. This program creates a wonderful balance between working and having fun!