Getting to Know Glenkirk's Clinical Services



The Life Balance Program is a behavioral health program that provides a variety of mental health, behavioral and therapeutic services to promote personal growth and development, increase self-esteem and social skills, and remove barriers to community integration. This program is unique in that it specializes in providing services designed to address the behavioral health needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities. Specialized care includes assessment and referral for services, expressive arts therapies, individual and group counseling, skills-building, psycho-educational classes, and behavioral intervention.  



The Medical Services Program - based out of its clinic space in Northbrook - provides access to comprehensive care coordination services, nursing care, primary care, women's health services, as well as vision, neurology, psychiatry, dietary and dental services. Occupational, physical and speech therapies are also available.

Individuals are assisted with arranging physician recommended services, keeping track of appointments, scheduling follow-up appointments and following through on treatments and medications. 

The Glenkirk Medical Services team includes three Registered Nurses, a Medical Services Coordinator, and a Medical Direct Support Professional (DSP).  Our professional nursing staff provides convenient, timely, and cost-saving services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities served by Glenkirk as well as to individuals from other agencies who participate in Glenkirk's day programs. 

Glenkirk provides medical and behavioral services to over 200 people in our residential and day programs annually. In 2016, Glenkirk's clinic coordinated 3,773 medical events, ranging from emergency room visits, hospital admissions, testing, and blood work, to appointments with primary care doctors and specialists. 


Respite Care is for families in need of temporary caregiving relief. It provides temporary, short-term, and time-limited relief to families caring for children or adults with intellectual disabilities who are living in the North Suburbs of Chicago. Glenkirk currently provides respite services to 88 families.

Home Based Service Facilitation 
is a program that provides comprehensive assessment, referral to services, and on-going monitoring to individuals with intellectual disabilities remaining in the family home.  Glenkirk's Service Facilitators assist individuals and families with identifying goals, budgeting monthly entitlements, obtaining adaptive equipment or home modifications, making referrals for day programs and behavioral health services.  In 2016 Glenkirk provided over 1,300 hours of service facilitation to 37 individuals.


Intake and Assessment Services provides a pathway for individuals to receive services from Glenkirk. Intake services include arranging tours and visits to Glenkirk programs, coordinating the inter-disciplinary team in making placement decisions, assisting families in the funding application process for residential, day, and clinical services, and managing the transition of individuals into Glenkirk programs.