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Getting to Know Glenkirk's Clinical Services



The Life Balance Program is a behavioral health program that provides a variety of mental health, behavioral and therapeutic services to promote personal growth and development, increase self-esteem and social skills, and remove barriers to community integration. This program is unique in that it specializes in providing services designed to address the behavioral health needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities. Specialized care includes assessment and referral for services, expressive arts therapies, individual and group counseling, skills-building, psycho-educational classes, and behavioral intervention.  

Next Generation Services Thrives

Next Generation Services (NGS) located in Glenview, opened in September 2014 and has been thriving ever since. 

Opportunity Secure Data Destruction Just Had Its Best Year Ever!

Opportunity Secure Data Destruction (OSDD) is an AAA-NAID certified social enterprise of Glenkirk. A certified document and media destruction company located in Northbrook, its purpose is to provide high quality services to its customers, meaningful employment options for people with disabilities and earned income to support Glenkirk's important mission.