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Jobs in the Community

We'd like to shine a light on Zach D. and Zach F. Both individuals are members of Glenkirk's Employment Services program.

Staff Profile: Pete Lutzow

Pete Lutzow has been a part our Glenkirk family since March of 2016. 

Illinois Has A Budget!

By now, you've heard the big news - Illinois has a budget!

On July 7, the General Assembly voted to override the Governor’s veto of its $36.1 billion FY 2018 State budget package. The dramatic, bipartisan votes in the House and Senate brought to an end the historic budget impasse that has roiled the state since June 2015 and caused an estimated 1 million people to lose services.

There’s A Song in My Heart - Music Therapy at Glenkirk

Music Therapy is a part of the Life Balance services at Glenkirk.  As a licensed clinical therapist and board certified music therapist, I provide music therapy services for most of the individuals here at Glenkirk throughout the year.  This includes individual therapy and group therapy. 

OSDD Employee Recognition Luncheons

The OSDD employees look forward to their special recognition luncheons.  It's a time for the employees to come together and celebrate their birthdays, employment anniversaries and work related major accomplishments. 

It's A Fine Life: 1945 Techny and Sudden Workforce

Article by Sarah Sirt

1945 Techny

1945 Techny, one of Glenkirk's newest day programs, has been open since August 29th, 2016. Now that Techny has come such a long way from when it first opened, there have been a number of accomplishments to highlight. The program's participants have prospered and have greatly enjoyed their time in the day program.

Milestones: FY2016 Annual Report

Getting to Know Glenkirk's Clinical Services



The Life Balance Program is a behavioral health program that provides a variety of mental health, behavioral and therapeutic services to promote personal growth and development, increase self-esteem and social skills, and remove barriers to community integration. This program is unique in that it specializes in providing services designed to address the behavioral health needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities. Specialized care includes assessment and referral for services, expressive arts therapies, individual and group counseling, skills-building, psycho-educational classes, and behavioral intervention.